3 Tips For Keeping Your PlayStation Clean

PlayStations, like any other modern games console, over time, get dusty and grimy if left to their own devices. This is especially so as gaming has become such a way of life that often our PlayStations operate for longer than we would consciously admit to. Controllers are often passed hand to hand and used for many hours. This all leads to our prized PlayStations accumulating dust and dirt. Before cleaning any electrical or electronic equipment, power it down and disconnect it safely from the electricity supply.

 Get In The Swing Of It

The best tip is to make cleaning your PlayStation part of your gaming routine, our houses are generally clean, but airborne dust is drawn into our PlayStations, along with the cooling air it needs to keep up with all that processing power that makes gaming so exhilarating and fun. 

It’s the same with controllers, although we think our hands are clean, the sweat and heat of our hands on the controller’s leaves a residue that if not cleaned off, sets and forms a horrible sticky film on our controllers. Sticky fingerprints on the PlayStation itself, being most visible on the shiny surfaces. Like most things in life, being proactive and cleaning your PlayStation straight after you have used it will reap the best rewards in the long term.

The Cloth Matters

To ensure we don’t do any damage to our PlayStations, or the delicate electronics inside them. It’s very important to only use suitable things to clean them with.

Choosing a suitable cloth is important, it must be lint-free, meaning it won’t shed fibres as we clean with it. For electronic equipment in general, we must never use a wet cloth, our PlayStations are no exception, so under no circumstances, whatever cloth you are using, should you ever clean your PlayStation with a wet cloth.

A microfibre cloth is perfect, easily obtainable in your local shops, or online. They have the best qualities for cleaning your PlayStation. They are lint-free and easily washed in your washing machine, or by hand after you have finished cleaning.

Generally, if you keep on top of your cleaning routine, a dry microfiber cloth is all you need to keep your PlayStation clean, its surfaces are easily wiped of dust and fingerprints if done regularly and after use as we were told by our friends at Betway Casino.

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Don’t Get Hot and Bothered

If you are noticing a build-up of dust on the air intakes and outlets of your PlayStation, it may be time to use a compressed air duster to blow the dust from the intakes and ports of your PlayStation. Keeping intakes dust free will help your PlayStation cooling fan operate efficiently and keep your console cool. 

Make sure you buy a suitable air duster specifically for cleaning electronics. To save some money, and also make sure you’ve always got suitable stuff to clean your PlayStation. Consider buying an electronic equipment cleaning kit, these generally contain a microfibre cloth, an air duster, and often a suitable cleaning spray. Though never spray a liquid directly onto your PlayStation, always onto a cloth first. Always follow the instructions in the cleaning kit and for your PlayStation.

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