15 123Series Alternatives for 2023 – Keep Streaming Safe & Entertained

123Series is one of the most popular streaming websites, and many people worldwide use it to watch movies and seasons online. But due to copyright restrictions, this website might not be available in all parts of the world. In such a case, users can opt for alternatives offering similar content and features as 123Series.

Tips to Choose Safe 123Series Alternatives:

Choosing an alternative that offers the best content while being secure and safe is essential. To ensure that you remain anonymous online, it is recommended to connect your streaming device to a VPN service to avoid falling prey to hackers and malicious threats.

Best Free 123Series Alternatives for 2023



This is a relatively unknown 123Series alternative and has been gaining more popularity in the past few months. It has some of the latest movies and classics, making it easier for users to find something they like and stream online.

The website offers excellent loading speed, mobile compatibility and subtitles along with audio descriptions on select titles capabilities allowing users to watch content while on the go easily.



This 123Series alternative offers the same quality of experience as the latter but with newer titles such as movie trailers and television shows.

The website also has free versions for users wishing to watch content without a subscription plan needed. Additionally, it offers enhanced personalization allowing individual user preferences for better viewing experiences.



This 123Series alternative is known for offering the latest streaming content. It also offers high-quality video, subtitles and audio descriptions and an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to navigate.

Streaming some of its videos may require a subscription plan or licensing agreement, but there are no hidden fees related.



This 123Series alternative comes from a Russia-based service and has gained traction recently due to its extensive library and complimentary services.

It requires user account formation for streaming and offers licensing agreements with TV broadcasters for legal content delivery. The website has enhanced subtitles and loading time, making watching any show from this platform easy.



This 123Series alternative gives users access to the newest movies, complete box sets of popular series, and a range of documentaries and cartoons for children.

The streaming service is free to use but requires account formation. Additionally, the website has no licensing agreements with TV broadcasters. Thus, subscribing users should always keep a keen eye out for any suspicious activity while streaming online.



This 123Series alternative has provided access to movies and shows worldwide since 2014. It may require user registration to access the content but offers legal streaming of copyrighted material.

With Vumoo, users can find a wide range of the latest movies and TV series without additional plugins. It also has excellent video quality and captions support as good subtitles in multiple languages.



This 123Series alternative has been around since 2006 and provides an extensive library almost all the time with thousands of titles available for streaming. Registration and account formation isn’t always required to watch content.

The website also supports mobile devices and provides captions and subtitles in multiple languages. The content is extensive, but users can opt for a VPN when streaming on LosMovies.



This 123Series alternative offers access to some of the greatest shows, such as Friends, Grey’s Anatomy and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, while providing its library with the newest titles.

The website is ad-free, with no subscription plan or licensing agreement needed. It requires user account formation only to keep track of streaming history, but the captions support and loading time are pretty decent, making it an excellent alternative for 123Series.



This 123Series alternative is an add-on module on Kodi, allowing users to stream their favorite movies or shows within minutes.

The website offers free streaming without registration and account formation, but it has advertising issues. Movie4u also supports captions in multiple languages, further adding to its appeal as a 123Series alternative.



This is one of the oldest 123Series alternatives and provides access to thousands of titles without any subscription plan fees or agreements. The website boasts excellent loading time and video quality while supporting captions in select languages.

However, the audio descriptions are limited to English, though this should not be a significant issue for most users. Overall, Veoh is perfect if you’re looking for something a bit older or forgotten titles that were never made available on 123Series.



This 123 Series alternative has gained quite a lot of traction in the past few years, and it takes pride in providing some of the latest titles, including full seasons, along with endless streaming for free.

It requires registration but offers no subscription plan fees or licenses needed. Niter also offers captions support and mobile compatibility, making watching movies on your cell phone easier.



This 123Series Alternative is a web-based streaming service that has existed since 2011 and provides access to thousands of titles without any fee.

It may require user registration to watch some movies, but captions support good subtitles in multiple languages making it easier to watch select titles. BMovies also offers a great loading time, ensuring users don’t experience lagging or buffering while streaming.



This 123Series alternative provides access to the latest movies, television shows and more without subscription plans.

It requires registration, but no licenses are needed. The website boasts good-quality videos with captions and subtitle support in various languages. It also has excellent buffering and loading time with enhanced personalization options allowing users to customize their viewing experience.


Yify TV

This 123Series alternative provides access to the newest movies, television shows and complete seasons within minutes without needing any subscription plans or licenses.

The website doesn’t require registration but has captions support and subtitles in several languages. Furthermore, it offers good viewing quality and fast loading time, making streaming on Yify TV a breeze.

Movies Joy


This 123Series Alternative is one of the best free services presently available, offering access to top-rated titles from all genres, including documentaries in various languages, within minutes.

The website has excellent loading speed with captions support and subtitles for particular movies. It also doesn’t require subscription plans or agreements, making Movies Joy a great alternative.

Protect Yourself with VPN – A Must-Have for Safe Streaming

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) helps keep your device secure while streaming online and prevents malicious threats such as hackers, data leakage and more from entering. Moreover , you will be able to unblock content from anywhere in the world by connecting to remote servers provided by the service .

NordVPN Pros and Cons


NordVPN is one of the best VPN services available in 2023. It comes with some great features, including fast speeds, availability of servers worldwide and end-to-end encryption that keeps personal data safe while streaming online.

Apart from this, NordVPN has a strict ‘no logs’ policy, which means no user information will be collected or stored by the service. It also has a support team in case you encounter issues while using NordVPN.


123Series offers great streaming content with enhanced features, but due to copyright restrictions it might be inaccessible in many countries. Thus, alternatives such as seriesonline.gg , watchserieshd.pro and others provide access to the same quality of experience with added benefits such as captions and subtitles support, with no subscription plans or licenses needed.

However, it is crucial to keep yourself secure by connecting your device with a VPN service when streaming on the websites mentioned above. NordVPN comes with great features like fast speeds, end to end encryption and availability of servers worldwide that provide complete anonymity for users.

In conclusion, 123Series is a great place to start streaming, but if it doesn’t work in your country, you can consider these reliable and safe alternatives for entertainment.

123Series FAQs

No, it is not legal as it regularly streams copyrighted content without permission from the copyright owners.

How Safe is 123Series Site?:

The website is unsafe as it may include ads that could lead to malicious sites, thus increasing the chances of getting infected with malware.

Which are the top 123Series Alternatives?:

Some of the best alternatives to 123Series include seriesonline.gg, watchserieshd.pro, watchserieshd.live, Soap2Day and more.

What happened to 123Series?:

123Series is still up and running, but users should be aware of malicious ads or other threats which could lead to their device getting infected by malware.

What happens if I get caught while watching 123Series and its alternatives?:

Depending on the country, streaming copyrighted material without obtaining permission from the copyright owners can lead to legal actions such as fines or imprisonment.

Is 123Series Down?:

No, 123Series is currently up and running. However, users may encounter errors or slow loading times due to heavy traffic.

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