20 123FreeMovies Alternatives for 2023: Get the Best Free Streaming Sites Safely

As streaming services like Netflix and Hulu become increasingly popular, another alternative is growing in popularity: 123FreeMovies.

This online streaming website lets users watch movies and television shows for free without paying anything. Unfortunately, if you’ve been using the site recently, there’s a good chance it’s no longer available due to legal issues surrounding its content library.

But don’t worry–there are still plenty of options out there when it comes to finding quality content. We’ve taken the time and gathered up 20 of the best 123FreeMovies alternatives for 2023.

Movies Found Online:

Movies Found Online

Movies Found Online is an excellent option for streaming movies and television shows without paying anything. The website features high-quality HD streaming and plenty of content sorted into categories for easy browsing.

With mobile compatibility, fast loading speeds, captions/subtitles, audio descriptions of movies available in several languages, personalization options like no registration or account creation required.

And no licensing agreements needed to stream content–Movies Found Online is an excellent 123FreeMovies alternative.



Plex is another popular streaming service that offers free movies and television shows. Unlike many other benefits (123FreeMovies included), it does require an account creation; however, the setup process is easy and should be completed relatively quickly.

Plex also has several appealing features, including convenient mobile apps, movie trailers, descriptions appearing in multiple languages, and high-definition streaming without ads.

Top Documentary Films:

Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Films offers over 3,500 documentaries and short films for free. While it doesn’t have the same TV shows or movies available elsewhere, its library is still incredibly diverse, with content covering topics like history, politics, sports and even conspiracy theories.

The website also has filters to help users quickly find what they’re looking for while having mobile compatibility and HD streaming capabilities, making this a superb 123FreeMovies alternative.



YoMovies is another great 123FreeMovies alternative. The website has an extensive library of various movies and TV shows available in multiple languages with no registration or account creation required.

The content featured on the website also comes with HD streaming options, captions/subtitles, audio descriptions and mobile compatibility, making it easier to watch anything from anywhere!



WatchFree is a free online streaming service similar to 123FreeMovies but legally operated, and it also provides some tremendous free classic films, documentaries, short films and television shows.

It has various filtering options available for easy searching of content, and its mobile compatibility makes it perfect for those on the go frequently.



PopcornFlix is one of the best alternatives to 123FreeMovies as their streams are in HD without any lag or stuttering, with captions/subtitles plus audio descriptions in several languages.

It has a wide selection of movies and television shows to choose from as well. Plus, it’s free, with no registration or account creation required.



Putlocker is one of the most popular streaming websites and is an excellent 123FreeMovies alternative. The website offers a massive library of movies and television shows, including everything from classics to new releases -all in HD quality without lagging issues.

The streaming can be done from any device as it is mobile-compatible, and no registration or account creation is required for free access.



MoviesJoy is similar to 123FreeMovies with its library of movies and television shows filled with films, TV Shows, Animated Series etc. It has plenty of content organized in the most convenient way possible, making browsing very easy.

The website also offers captions/subtitles plus audio descriptions in multiple languages, allowing streaming on almost any device connected to the Internet.

Plus, it’s free, with no account creation required or licensing agreements in any way needed for access.



Vumoo is another great 123FreeMovies alternative and offers many movies, TV Shows, Anime Series etc.

Plenty of content can easily be filtered by genre, language, and popularity ratings, making it convenient for everyone who enjoys streaming videos from different locations.

Also, the website supports mobile compatibility and offers audio descriptions and subtitles/captions in various languages, so you can enjoy customizing your experience.



GoStream is one of the most popular 123FreeMovies alternatives out there due to its easy-to-use interface and fast loading speeds that ensure any movie or episode plays without lagging issues.

It also has plenty of content aside from different TV shows and movies, including anime series for those who are into this genre.

Plus, it is free and mobile-friendly, with no account creation or licensing agreements needed.

YIFY Movies:


YIFY Movies is a great streaming website dedicated to movies only developed by the same team behind 123FreeMovies.

It offers HD-quality content without any buffering issues, and captions and audio descriptions in multiple languages are available for each movie you choose.

The site also provides downloads that can be stored on your device so that you can access your library whenever, wherever.



PrimeWire is another reliable 123FreeMovies alternative and offers a variety of content sorted by type, popularity or title.

Its streaming speeds are lightning-fast and high-quality HD for all movies, making it convenient even during peak hours. Plus, no registration or account creation is required, so you can log in and watch whatever you like.



Soap2Day is another excellent online streaming website that includes movie and television shows. It offers high-quality HD streaming, subtitles/captions of movies available in multiple languages, along with mobile compatibility features making it easy to use no matter where you are.

Its library is constantly updated with new titles and content without any registration or account creation needed!



MovieStars is a superb 123FreeMovies alternative as well due to its vast selection of different types of tv shows, movies etc. Its fast loading speeds make watching anything from the website without any lagging issues, and it is also mobile compatible.

MovieStars also has audio descriptions plus captions available in multiple languages, making it convenient for anyone, regardless of language.



StreamLord offers an ad-free platform with no registration required to access its content library comprising movies and TV shows.

Plus, you can customize your experience by using HD streaming quality, subtitles/captions in different languages, an audio description for each movie or show, and mobile compatibility to make sure you can stream whichever device you’re using.



BMovies is another great 123FreeMovies alternative that provides a wide selection of movies and TV shows in high-definition and low-quality streams.

It has plenty of filters that help users find whatever they want quickly, and the website allows streaming without any account creation or registration required.



HindiLinks4u offers a vast library filled with movies, TV shows, and episodes in either Hindi or English. Its streaming quality is relatively stable with no buffering issues and an audio description and captions/subtitles in multiple languages, making it convenient for a global audience.

Plus, the website also requires no account creation nor registration, which makes this 123FreeMovies alternative even more appealing.



Flixtor is a great option when you’re looking to watch movies without paying any money. The website supports HD-quality streams without any lagging issues.

Plus, there are subtitles/captions for films in multiple languages and mobile compatibility that allows streaming from anywhere with an internet connection. Like 123FreeMovies, no registration or account creation is required here, either.

AZ Movies:


AZ Movies is an excellent alternative to 123FreeMovies offering free content related to television shows and films as well as animation series, which can be of interest if you’re looking into something different than usual movie streaming.

The website has been developed with fast loading speeds, HD quality, audio descriptions, plus captions/subtitles in multiple languages, making it perfect for small screens, too, thanks to its mobile compatibility feature.



VexMovies is a 123FreeMovies alternative that offers ad-free movies, TV shows, and documentaries without any registration or account creation.

It also allows streaming on mobile devices, so you can watch whatever you like while traveling or offline due to its downloaded options. Plus, you get high-definition streaming with captions/subtitles in multiple languages, making it easy for a bigger audience to access the content here!

Whether it’s 123FreeMovies or any of its alternatives like Movies Found Online, Plex or YifyMovies -using free streaming services, it should always be done with caution as there are chances that some copyright laws may have been violated.

To protect yourself while streaming and downloading your favorite tv shows and movies, using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a must.

With NordVPN as your first defense against malicious threats while browsing, you won’t have to worry any longer that someone could get access to your data or track the websites you visit.

Considering all these factors, you can watch any content from free streaming services safely and conveniently through 20 123FreeMovies Alternatives in 20 23 without worrying about their legality.

With a paid VPN service like NordVPN or any other alternative streaming site, you can find content that fits your needs and watch it securely with no worries!


123FreeMovies is not an officially licensed streaming service and has been shut down due to copyright infringement issues.

How Safe is 123FreeMovies Site?

123FreeMovies is not a safe or legal streaming service and can expose users to malicious attacks, so it’s always best to use alternatives like Movies Found Online, Plex or YifyMovies.

Which are the top 123FreeMovies Alternatives?

The top alternative websites for watching TV Shows and movies include Plex, Top Documentary Films, YoMovies, WatchFree, PopcornFlix, Putlocker, MoviesJoy and Vumoo.

What happened to 123FreeMovies?

123FreeMovies has been shut down due to copyright infringement issues, and the legality of streaming content from the site is still in question.

What happens if I get caught while watching 123FreeMovies and its alternatives?

The consequences vary depending on your country’s laws. Still, generally, it’s best advised not to watch any content you don’t have a license or ownership of, as it can be seen as a form of copyright infringement, which can lead to fines or even jail time.

Is 123FreeMovies Down?

Yes, since it has been shut down due to copyright issues. However, there are many alternatives like Movies Found Online, Plex and YifyMovies, which provide legal streaming options without the need for account creation.

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